Foluke Akinlose

Foluke Akinlose

Name:  Foluke Akinlose
Where: UK
What she does: Entrepreneur
Impact: Founder of online magazine PRECIOUS which provides role models and builds the entrepreneurial confidence of girls and young women
Nominated by: Patricia Ayodeji

I would like to nominate Foluke Akinlose, MBE who is the founder of an online magazine for women of colour, called PRECIOUS.  PRECIOUS was launched from Londonin 1999, and as well as being an online magazine it is a network and resource for women of colour.  It has been an inspiration for upcoming businesses with its long-standing annual Precious Awards. Last year the Awards were held in the British Library. The Precious Awards have helped many entrepreneurs launch into prosperous businesses and has been a positive role model for young (and not so young) women of colour:

PRECIOUS has been such an influence in British society (and indeed, worldwide. I follow it fromBarcelona,Spain) that Foluke was recently given the prestigious title by the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, the MBE (Member of theBritish Empire). She has also won several awards and is named as one of Courvoisier’s “The Future 500” a list of the country’s top achievers across ten wide-ranging categories:

PRECIOUS has also launched a blog to increase the entrepreneurial confidence of girls and young women and enable them to overcome the perceived barriers to enterprise, and see the value of being entrepreneurial. Their aim is to work with schools up and down theUKto help turn entrepreneurial ideas into reality. One project to date has been theSt.MatthewAcademyin Lewisham,London. T-shirts were produced with the aim of raising money to pay for the education of girls inSierra Leone.

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