Lynne Parker


Lynne Parker

Name:  Lynne Parker
Where: UK
What she does: Funny Women
Impact: Creating a colourful stage in many different guises for women of all shapes and size to find their comedy voice
Nominated by: Hela Wozniak-Kay, Director, Sister Snog

Lynne Parker is the heart and soul of Funny Women. And Funny Women is at the vanguard of nurturing and promoting female comedy talent and encouraging the corporate world to find its comedy voice. Since launching almost a decade ago, Funny Women has become a leading industry player, discovering and developing new female talent through live events, workshops, training programmes and a national competition. The Funny Women Awards are known for showcasing an extraordinary variety of comedy. From stand up to sketch, character to musical comedy, mirthful monologues to (coming soon) great comedy writing. Funny Women has stood the test of time.

Despite a loss of sponsorship and lack of funding thanks to Lynne’s energy and enthusiasm, passion and perseverance as well as dedication and sheer determination, Funny Women is a feisty brand that’s launched a whole host of comedy careers, raised funds for a number of charities and made comedy accessible to so many. Funny Women is constantly raising the stakes so I’d like to raise a glass to toast Lynne Parker and wish her a very happy 10th anniversary next year.

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