Lindsey W. Andrews

lindsay andrews

Lindsey Andrews

Name: Lindsey W. Andrews
Where: USA
What she does: Lawyer and co founder of LoPa Art
Impact: Has helped underprivileged children in the USA and Ethiopia

Lindsey W. Andrews is a lawyer by day and a writer, advocate and entrepreneur through midnight. An associate partner at Echols & Associates, Lindsey devotes a hefty portion of her practice to representing children in high conflict family dissolutions. She co-founded LoPa Art, which purchases art direct from Ethiopian artisans and returns the profits, by funding a feeding/education program for underprivileged children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lindsey is also CEO of Hilarity Waters Press, a publishing company which connects artists, writers, social media gurus and non-profits/organizations to tell stories which educate readers regarding social justice/world view issues and incite change and create funding for such efforts. While Lindsey is passionate about indigenous care of orphans, she is an adoptive mother of a three and a seven year old. Her heart is always full and her house is never clean.


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