Bogaletch Gebre

Name: Bogaletch Gebre
Where: Ethiopia
What she does: Founder of KMG Ethiopia
Impact: Challenging traditional practices harmful to girls and women.
Nominated by: Francoise Moudouthe


Bogaletch, Founder of KMG Ethiopia, is an Ethiopian women’s rights activist who has boldly challenged harmful traditional practices such as child marriage, female genital mutilation and bridal abduction in the rural community she grew up in alongside her sister and co-Founder Fikrte Gebre. Initially, KMG’s work was focused on eliminating sanctioned violence against women and girls, such as female genital mutilation (FGM), bridal abduction and other customary practices harmful to girls and women. In the decade since, KMG’s focus has expanded to include concerns deeply interwoven with gender discrimination: economic enfranchisement, education, reproductive health services, HIV/AIDS, environmental degradation, and small infrastructure development.

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