Aarti Naik

Aarti Naik

Name:  Ms Aarti Naik
Where: India
What she does: Educator
Impact: Gives slum girls access to resources to learn and achieve their full potential
Nominated by: Vipin Thekkekalathil and Deepak Panzade

Aarti Naik is a slum girl from Mulund, India. After failing her school exams four years ago she was taken out of school by her father who saw this as a confirmation that girls do not need an education. After 3 years of serving domestic duties at home, Aarti decided to re-take her exams, having convinced her father to let her continue with her education. To her surprise she passed with exceptional results, making her realise that her weakness laid not in her intellectual abilities but in her approach to learning- a guidance she previously didn’t have. So in September 2008 she set up a community library and free-of-charge coaching class where she could give slum girls the resources to enhance their abilities to achieve their potential. She started up the ‘Girls Education Project’ and the ‘English Books Library Project’ and now has 28 students.

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One Response to “Aarti Naik”

  1. Asiya January 8, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

    Hi Aarti,

    Well done for helping other girls support in education within Mumbai, I wish you every success in what you are achieving and hope to meet you one day.

    All the best and keep up with the good work!

    Asiya xx

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