Dr. Madhuri Rana Singh

Dr. Madhuri Rana Singh

Name: Dr. Madhuri Rana Singh
Country: Nepal
What she does: Works to end violence against women
Impact: Founded SAATHI, helped to reduce Gender Based Violence, established fist shelter in Nepal and trained others
Website: www.saathi.org.np
Nominated by: Jaya Ram Nepali

I would like to nominate Dr. Madhuri Rana Singh, the first person to receive a doctorate on the topic of domestic violence in Nepal, a major issue in the Nepalese society.  She has been working on social, educational, gender, human rights and development issues in Nepal for the last thirty years. She is also involved in research and study related to women and children and has been recognized for her work with various awards.

Dr. Madhuri is currently working as the Development Program Specialist at USAID/Nepal. She is the founding president of SAATHI, a pioneering organization that addresses the issues of violence against women and girls in the country. She has taken various measures in reducing Gender Based Violence (GBV), specifically domestic violence and created awareness on the issue. She was instrumental in establishing the first shelter for women and children victims of domestic violence in the country. She is an active member of the Women’s Rights Movement inNepal and a member of many women’s groups. Dr. Singh has representedNepal in several national, regional and international women’s conferences and workshops, often giving presentations on various aspects of discrimination and violence against women inNepal.

She is a strong advocate for social and policy changes, one resulting in the formulation of the Domestic Violence control Act 2009 of Nepal. Dr. Madhuri has trained over six thousand individuals from over sixty four districts in Nepal. A multiplier effect has culminated in the Government of Nepal recognizing Domestic Violence and Gender Based Violence as criminal acts. She continues to research on women related issues, deliver talk programs and advocacy at different levels as well as lecture at the Tribhuvan University’s Conflict Peace and Development Studies as a visiting faculty.

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