Katie Rizvi

NameKatie Rizvi
Where: Romania
What she does: Child care worker 
Impact: Organised the care of traumatised children during the Balkans War, and has empowered teenagers cancer survivors
Nominated by: Paula Tonea

I would like to nominate Katie Rizvi, co-founder of The Little People Association inCluj-Napoca,Romania. She is a very special person, and my awe and admiration go to her, for providing care for children and young people affected by cancer. With over 10 years experience in teaching, counselling and lecturing, and as a Coordinator of Patient Support Services for Romanian Health-Care Institutions, Katie provides systematic, structured training and development opportunities specifically aimed at members of voluntary institutions.

During the Balkans war, Katie was responsible for organising the care of traumatised children as well as the education of displaced women. In 2000, she co-founded “Asociatia Little People”Romania. She has developed partnerships between healthcare and educational institutions, setting up a volunteer training course for university students. In 2006 she has established TEMERARII, The Romanian Community for Adolescent Cancer Survivors. In 2008 she was awarded the Volunteer Manager of the Year by the Romanian National Volunteer Bureau.

In 2009 Katie won the “Woman of the Year” award for creating the YOU CAN TOO! Campaign, empowering teenage survivors to offer critical support and encouragement to their peers fighting cancer.

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