Nan Sloane

Name: Nan Sloane
Where: UK
What she does: Community Activist
Impact: Helps women overcome barriers to political participation
Nominated by: Marie Birchall

A former councillor, community activist Nan works tirelessly to promote women’s political representation here in the UK. In 2006, she founded (and is still Director of) the Centre for Women and Democracy (The Centre for Women & Democracy works, both alone and together with other organisations, to increase women’s representation at all levels of the democratic process. It is the only organisation of its kind based in the north of England).

She is also the Secretary of (and driving force behind) the Labour Women’s Network – a network run entirely by volunteers, which trains women within the Labour Party to help them overcome the barriers to achieving elected office at all levels – from becoming a secretary or treasurer of local Labour Constituency Partys, right up to becoming an MP. Women trained byNan and the Labour Women’s Network have entered parliament at every election since the network was founded in the early 1990s.Nan also took a key leadership role in the campaign to deliver all-women shortlists in the Labour Party and to this day, keeps leader Ed Miliband on his toes when it comes to increasing women’s representation in the Party.

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