New campaign on women’s leadership launched today

23 Jun

Today One World Action is launching a new campaign to find One Hundred Unseen Powerful Women who change the world. We want to highlight the achievements of women around the world who make a difference in ways that are not always visible or recognised. The campaign will showcase innovative modes of leadership by women who might not be in conventional positions of power but who use their resources creatively to challenge, question and change their lives and the lives of those around them.

100 Unseen Powerful Women Who Change The World

Complementing existing lists of rich and powerful women, we want to shed more light on the ways women can have an impact in many different walks of life and show how women can be, and are, active participants in society leading to positive political, social and economic and change.

We are asking you to nominate women you think should be included in our list of One Hundred Women. Our scope for nominations is as broad as the strengths of the women pushing for change. Whether they are community activists, artists, inventors, educators, health workers or entrepreneurs, we want to hear about the women who people think have made a difference to their communities and to pay tribute to their efforts. We want to celebrate the significant changes women make through their bravery, commitment and leadership.

I would like to introduce Durgabai Vyam – the first woman to be nominated for the list:

Durgabai Vyam is one of the innovative artists of the controversial graphic novel Bhimayana – a novel that confronts caste discrimination against Dalits in India. Caste discrimination denies Dalits, basic human rights and confines them in a system that rates them as less than human.

Durgabai Vyam

Durgabai has played a pivotal role bringing to light the often taboo subject of how Dalits are treated and has exposed the many costs – emotional, psychological and physical – of caste discrimination. Through her compelling use of traditional graphic art, Durgabai’s artistic skill provides the book with a unique and powerful vision.

Through her work Durgabai has taken risks: she has transcended the boundaries of the traditionally western genre of graphic novels by refusing to confine her art within conventional boxes. Durgabai’s innovative style challenges perceptions of the acceptability of caste discrimination and encourages dialogue by confronting societal values. Using her artistic vision to visually stimulate change, Durgabai has paved the way for further discussions which highlight and challenge caste discrimination, giving a voice to Dalits through this vibrant and compelling piece of work.

For more information and to nominate your unseen powerful women please go to:  

We will be awarding prizes to the top ten women within several categories. To donate to the campaign fund, which will also support One World Action’s work to empower women leaders around the world, please visit the following page:  

Or text POWA00 followed by £2, £5 or £10 to 70070


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