Bridget Edwards

Name: Bridget Edwards
Where: UK
What she does: Business woman, Director
Impact: Helps artists, arts organisations and creative industries in Southwark have a greater impact on their local community
Nominated by: Marcie Buxton

Previously CEO at the Anne Peaker Centre and currently Director of Southwark Arts Forum, Bridget Edwards is an inspirational woman, who impresses with her vision, passion and innovation for change.  Her creativity and enterprise is evident in all her work within arts management.

I have known Bridget as a close and great friend for a number of years and she has certainly inspired me and opened my eyes to what can be done. I attended one of Bridget’s events at Southwark Arts Forum entitled – ‘Getting things done’.  It was appropriately titled given the extent of what Bridget has already accomplished at SAF and how her work was recognized at the event.

She makes a difference and with determination has made a difference to many and empowered others to do the same. She has a vision for creating a ‘cultural centre’ for the arts supporting, advising the artists and bringing transformation for communities.  I believe she will certainly achieve this and I look forward to seeing the impact she will make in the arts.

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