Gloria Morrison

Name: Gloria Morrison
Where: UK
What she does: Lawyer and campaigner.
Impact: Raising awareness of victims of miscarriages of justice convicted under the law of joint enterprise.
Nominated by: Stephanie Hart



Gloria Morrison has committed the past few years of her life to founding and relentlessly, passionately running, the campaign group JENGBA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty By Association) which aims to help those who are victims of true miscarriages of justice convicted under the law of joint enterprise.

Many people have been convicted and are in prison on mandatory life sentences – a blind boy who was at a murder scene, someone who called his brother on a phone near to the scene of a crime, which neither brother had any participation in, a girlfriend whose abusive boyfriend murdered someone who went to the police to report his crime, etc. Many stories are far more shocking and many hundreds of innocent people have been convicted.

She has a real fire and a real passion to make a difference, this means the whole world to her after a boy she knew was affected. Her determination and her legal mind are incredibly impressive. She has the support of leading academics, amnesty members and a few dissenting law lords from the House of Lords. She has produced a film and is to start working with the BBC on a follow up to their panorama expose of this area of law.


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