Runa Laila

Name: Runa Laila
Where:  East Koimari (Ijaddarpara), UP- Koimari, Sub-district- Jaldhaka, Nilphamari, Bangladesh
What she does:  Works as a community development activist to establish women and children’s rights
Impact: Has improved children’s schooling, stopped child marriage, ensured birth registration, sanitation, etc which has a positive impact on the community
Nominated by: Hrishikesh Sarker, Program Unit Manager, Nilphamari Program Unit

Runa, a young woman around 31 lives in East Koimari village under Koimari Union of Nilphamari district.  She is a mother of two sons and the children study in local schools. Her husband, Mr. Moksedur Rahman Lenin was unemployed for a long time. Recently she has been employed in a local registered primary school.  Runa Laila is a self motivated social development catalyst and she has been involved with various community development activities since last one decade. Runa Laila worked as Pre-School Teacher (2000-2003), Community learning resource person- Early Childhood Development (CLRP-ECD), (2004-2007) and Collector of POPI-MOVE (local NGO), (2007-2011). From the very beginning she worked to aware community on children’s schooling, stopping child marriage, ensuring birth registration, sanitation, dowry etc. She always plays a role to resolve family conflict between husband and wife and domestic violence. She participates as village middleman (shalish) and contributes in decision-making process. Her positive attitude and acceptance in the community ignited people to encourage her to compete in UP (Union Council) election as a Reserved Female Member (ward # 4, 5, 6) in this year and finally she has been elected with unbelievable differences to her nearest contestant. Her future dream is to change the society where the rights of children and human are established.

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