Momela Khatun


Momela Khatun

Name: Momela Khatun
Where: Prohladpur, Gazipur, Bangladesh
What she does: Established business
Impact: Brought economic security in her family and provides jobs to vulnerable women
Nominated By: Zakir Hossain, Area Coordinator, Gazipur Program Unit

Momela is forty years old and lives in Bagmara village of Prohaladpur union under Srepur Sub-district of Gazipur District. Her husband Abdus Samad was a day labourer. She has three sons. It was in 1996, when suddenly her husband became very sick and lost ability to work. On the other hand, her sons were too young to work. In this situation there was no way to maintain her family.  Sending her elder son in her father’s house she joined as a volunteer of the home based early learning center. This was not enough to maintain her family, so she was sewing khata (homemade quilt) and making handmade fan. But her income was more from handmade fans. Therefore she concentrated on making handmade fans and took it as a profession. She engaged poor women from her village in this work. Now, 30 women work in her trade.

As her income increased Momela could afford to provide treatment for her husband. Now her husband is well. She also returned her elder son from her father’s house. Now her monthly income is 15,000.00 taka. She bought 11 decimal lands and a local transport (Laguna Tempo) for more income. Her husband and sons help to run her business.

Electricity is not available in Momela’s village. But with her income she established two solar plants for power supply. Momela collected the raw materials from different districts. Besides these she participates in different development activities and motivates people to use sanitary latrine.

The community people appreciate her for her initiative. Now Momela is happy with her family.

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