Nazma Akter

Nazma pic

Nazma Akter

Name: Nazma Akter
Where: Rajabari, Gazipur, Bangladesh
What she does: A small entrepreneur
Impact: Brought economic security to her family
Nominated by: Biploby Rani Dey Roy, Development Education Officer, Gazipur Program Unit

Nazma is a self reliant, independent and empowered girl. Now she is the owner of two businesses. She is 24 years old. Although she came from a poor family, Nazma has a dream to be an entrepreneur with help from PlanBangladesh.

Nazma is the daughter of Mohammad Hafizuddin and Haresa Begum, who live in Noagaon village of Rajabari Unionunder Gazipur District. She has three brothers and three sisters. Her father has worked in a company.

It was in 2001 when Nazma’s father lost his ability to work due to illness. Nazma’s education was stopped at the age of thirteen when she was in class VI. Nazma came to know about the vocational training centre adjacent to her house. This centre was run by Centre for Mass Education in Science (CMES) partner organization of PlanBangladesh. She decided to join this training centre. Nazma enrolled herself to learn sewing but she soon realized that this would not achieve her goal. She wanted to learn a trade that would pay off quickly and earn some money to support her family. She came to know that CMES also offered loans to set up small enterprises related to garment manufacturing, cow rearing, beauty care, poultry and mushroom cultivation etc. She decided to receive training on beauty care that would be helpful to achieve her objective. She received 10 days training on beauty parlour from CMES head Office.

After successful completion of training she joined a beauty parlour for a monthly salary of 1,000 taka. But she was not satisfied with this. She decided to take loan and start her own beauty parlour. According to her decision she took 5,000 taka loan from CMES, started a beauty parlour at Mawna Chowrasta. Initially her two sisters helped her in running the business.

Gradually her income increased. Now her monthly income is 25,000.00 taka. She opened a show room on cosmetics in 2010 at Mawna Chowrasta. Now six young girls work in her beauty parlour and in the show room. She also facilitated training on beauty parlour arranged by CMES. Earlier Nazma’s family lived in a clay house. Now they live in a concrete house. She helped her father to arrange marriages for her younger sisters. She proved herself to be a successful entrepreneur. She is a role model to other women in her community.

Recently she also got married. Now she is very happy with her husband.

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