Liz Douglas

Liz Douglas

Name: Liz Douglas
Where: UK
What she does: Community activist and founder of The Roots Project
Impact: Empowered people form deprived neighbourhoods to achieve their goals
Nominated by: Servene Mouazan, CEO of Ogunte

The Roots project was founded by Liz Douglas, who with her extensive experience and awareness of communities confronts the problem of the deprived neighbourhoods within the North West, England.

Liz has the in-bred passion and determination to develop communities by reaching out to people within them and allowing them to develop the skills, confidence and control to achieve their goals. As a child, fortunately Liz was able to capitalise upon her own self belief and motivation to become a successful business woman.

Through developing as an individual, Liz became very aware of personal development and awareness of other agency services and how they could have benefited both her and her family had it been accessible directly into the residents during her younger years. Liz was passionate about this and determined to help others and provide a service to ensure families are able to develop into empowering role models by giving them guidance, confidence and the skills through a social model programme.

Liz is a successful and highly motivated business woman who herself has come from a deprived community in Bolton an area of which she is very proud of. Liz endeavours to implement the social model programme into these communities working with a personally handpicked social agency’s to support her. These services would have been a welcome change and provided not only her, her family and her community a sense of self but could have avoided some disastrous events.

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